We are a growing import-export company with many years of experience in the relevant field. Our business has been inspired by the government’s initiative and vision towards ‘helping the import-export sector’ to reach new heights of success and appreciation. While innovation forms the essence of every creation at Jindex International, we ensure that we don’t compromise on quality. Jindex International indeed has come a long way from Wheat Flour business to one of the most successful companies of India. We are a brand of goodness and this is the value we express every day and in everything we do.

Export is one of the best fields to enter the import export industry. India is the land of export as we are producing an immense amount of Peanuts, Spices, Rice, Wheat, Sugar and Millets on our land. Our country is versatile, and now, we even have more tech-focused companies who are willing to set manufacturing units of their brand in India.

Our Promise

We are passionate about providing our customers with outstanding service and the most consistent products. Along with providing a high-level of customer service, Inter flour’s specialists work with our customers to ensure the latest research and developments in the milling, baking and malting
industries are shared and also have direct contact with manufacturers for all agricultural products.

Jindex international believes in the mantra, "Relations and honesty brings business".
jindex international stand on the 6 firm pillars as stated below
1) Reliability
» We conduct every prospect of business with candorness and transparency
2) Humility
» We consider each entity involved in the business, right from a supplier to the customer as the backbone of our organsiation.
3) Excellence
» We make every effort to achieve the maximum possible standards to deliver what we promise to customers and suppliers.
4) Dependability
» We make sure we take responsibility for the trust and faith the customer has shown towards us.
5) Unity
» We build strong sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
6) Commitment
» Commitment not only goes to the customer, but it reaches further to societies, communities and countries in which we work. The group takes a special foot ahead in keeping up the said commitments.


To create value, in the form of reputation and trustworthiness in our customer’s mind and being one of the best exporter of India with the terms of quality and trust or faith. Mainly our mission is to grow agricultural product export so that everyone should know the beauty and importance of nature and land also and everyone can get the benefit of our own natural products which is given by universe.


To treat our customers as partners and provide them with reliable quality products based on best value pricing.to work with enthusiastically for our customers and give true sign of quality product also to them. We are doing work to give satisfaction to our every customers whosever doing
business with us.

 We are following our motto that is: “Quality over Quantity Always